Know Your Service Provider Is Trustworthy

Everyone wants to trust their local Denver locksmith, but what do you need to do first? You should make it a rule when you move into a new neighborhood, to know the service providers you may need in an emergency. Know the people whom can be trusted and relied on when needed. These are the lifesavers you may need to call when you are having difficulties such as household appliance repairs, A/C repair service providers, electrical repair service, locksmith, doctor, hospital, post office branch, veterinary, etc.

A list should be created and kept handy of the company, contact name, phone number, and specialty. Meet and introduce yourself and get business references to check for service reliability and trust. You do not want to get caught just calling the first name and number in the phone directory in an emergency. You need to know who you are sharing vital information with and that their reputation is for service and reliability.

If you are using local services in your neighborhood, stop by their office and check out their facilities. Ask for references from other customers and check those out. You do not want service personnel in your residence that you have not checked out and have no referral of service.

You need to know their reputation for trustworthiness, on time scheduling, experience and training, and reliability and price competitiveness. Trusting your locksmith is the same as knowing your local butcher. Can you trust that the keys handed you to your residence are the only keys in existence? With a reputable locksmith, you have built-in acceptance of their skill and confidence.

Moving into a new home or apartment is the same as moving into a facility with “no locks”. Do you know if the locks to your residence were changed prior to you moving in? Do you know that you have the only keys to the home or unit? Who holds backup keys to the facility and what are their hours of business.

If you need a locksmith in an emergency, are they certified and bonded? Know who you are calling to protect yourself from future problems. When you move into a neighborhood, it is good when visiting the locksmith facility to see if you should change the locks or have the locks rekeyed. Is there more than one key to the residence and should all locks be rekeyed for one key entrance. Sometimes this is a good idea when you have children or elderly family members living with you. One-Key door will assist family members in entering the home having the right key for the door at all times, and only one key required.

Another thing you may not have thought about is a new lock that is a key/code entrance. The key to unlocking the door and a touch code for final unlatching. This would serve as a double lock instead of two deadbolts. Also serves as a safety measure for a lost key entry.

While you are discussing locks with your local locksmith, be sure to consider any interior locks you may need changed or installed in your residence. Are there things you need to keep safe inside your home or office. Valuables or documents you need to keep safe under lock and key? You need to have a locksmith you can trust.

Comfort is another issue worth discussing when it comes to locks and that is doorknobs and door handles. As many people now have their elderly relatives living with them. Consider the doorknobs in the residence, including the front and back doors. Are these knobs easy for the aging people to manage, and would a door handle be easier for them to use. One of the ailments people acquire and not many escapes is arthritis, and doorknobs are the most difficult item for the elderly and young children to manage. So many people are switching to door handles just for the ease of use.
Review with your locksmith window locks, especially if your windows are at a street level or have easy access from fire escapes. You may want to change the existing locks to these gated windows, or other locking systems already installed.

Be sure to protect your life and your property. Get to know the trustworthy service providers in your neighborhood. It is your responsibility to protect yourself from intruders and unwanted guests in your residence. You have a right to know your service providers trustworthiness and skills. (

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