Why You Should Get Your Keyless Lock Installed Today


Does this situation sound familiar? You return home from a long day at work, exhausted and looking forward to a relaxing night on your couch, but as you reach for your house key, you are sadly greeted by an empty pocket. You carry no spare key, meaning you have successfully locked yourself out of your own home. Now what? You are forced to track down a local locksmith, request a rekeying from them, and wait a couple hours until someone can access your lock, and you can finally enjoy that cozy couch. Avoid this fiasco with one simple solution; keyless entry locks. Residents living in Denver, Colorado can now find professional keyless entry installation through Job Done Locksmith, your friendly neighborhood locksmith specializing in all kinds of jobs including residential, commercial, and automotive.


So, How Does Keyless Entry Work?


A traditional deadbolt lock you would find on a residential house requires a physical key to operate the internal mechanism that will unlock the bolt. Ordinarily, this would be fine, but having to keep track of keys can be obnoxious. Keyless entry is currently making these traditional locks antiquated. A battery is buried within the keyless lock, which powers an electronic keypad used to punch in your code. The actual internal mechanism works similarly to traditional locks, but the bolt is now locked or unlocked via a battery. Job Done Locksmith offers customers installation for both Kwikset and Schlage keyless locks for homes and commercial buildings. Kwikset products offer keyless locks with either a touchscreen pad or electronic keypad used to punch in an entry code. These locks are also protected with Smartkey Security, meaning a physical, spare key will be matched to all locks so that customers can still gain entry during emergency situations. Schlage products are similar in design and functionality, but this brand also offers Schlage Connect, a method for customers to connect their locking system to their Amazon Alexa or Apple TV. This Schlage technology can detect possible burglaries and can provide an additional layer of security. These electronic locks can also be operated remotely from the owner’s smartphone and can store up to 30 additional, unique codes so family and friends can access your house. Job Done Locksmith can install all these products for you, so don’t miss out on keyless entry Denver residents!

Don’t waste another minute, get your keyless entry lock today and contact Job Done to have it installed by professional locksmiths. Job Done is a 24-hour locksmith Denver customers will find to be reliable, professional, and always available when you need them. Stop dealing with keeping track of keys and spares, never experience another lockout again; visit Job Done, a locksmith Denver, Colorado residents can trust. Check out our services today!

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